20 Free Dog house diy plans and idea’s for building a dog kennel

Building a dog house or kennel for your best friend can be a really fun and informative project to take on, the aim of this site is to help you the reader, to learn how to build a dog house without it costing a fortune. This involves, firstly identifying what the dog house will look like and then how many animals you will be housing. The bits in between will come as you continue reading. What is so excellent with learning how to build dog house is the fact that you can customize and build it exactly to your specifications, whatever you have in mind you can turn into a reality because you will be the one putting it together.

What Tools Will You Need?

For a project to be successful you need to be as comfortable as possible during the construction phase. This means that if you don’t have one you need to set up a clean well-lit area where you can work even if its raining and at night, if necessary. Another thing to remember is that you don’t want to be stooping or bending over too much while you are working on your dog house, so if you have a work bench or even a table to work on, that is preferable. The second factor to take into account are your tools, you need good tools for a good job, any tradesman will tell you that.  Making sure you have the right tool for the job is essential and prevents you from making a stupid mistake or even hurting yourself. Below is a list of tools you will need to construct any dog house. You don’t necessarily need all these tools but it is good to have them to make the job easier.

Tools You Will Need

  •  Claw Hammer
  • Ear Protection
  • Goggles
  • Set Square
  • Circular Saw
  • Table Saw
  • Paintbrush
  • Measuring Tape
  • Jig Saw
  • Timber Pencil
  • Hand Saw
  • Battery Drill
  • Various Clamp Sizes
  • Bench Vice

Start mentally going through the process of the build in your mind, before hand write any items you feel you will need on a sheet of paper.

These are just some of the tools you will require. I have left out a few other smaller items you will need like posi drive bits, timber screws, saw blades. These are all items you will have to make sure to collect before construction. It is a good idea to make a list of all the things you will require before hand.


As stated above, building a dog house or dog kennel doesn’t have to be complicated. All you need to do is keep a few basic principles in mind before construction. First off, the house should have a floor that is off the ground and away from  the wet. Imagine how upset you would be if your house flooded when It rained. Raising the floor also means the house will be off the ground away from the frost in the morning and the night damp which brings the cold. Taking into consideration the size of your pooch before you build the house will save you trouble. Your dog must have enough room to turn around in. Don’t make it too large, since a smaller house is more easily heated by the dog’s natural body heat-an important consideration in winter. Consider your dog’s personality and habits when constructing your dog house. Some dogs love to sit or lie on top of their house in the sun. If you suspect that this may be the case with your dog then it would be a good idea to not decorate the roof with shingles or roll roofing since they can pick up the heat. It would be advisable to make the roof out of a non-toxic sheet (not impregnated with poisons) treated with linseed oil.

Tip – Make sure nails are accurately driven. You don’t want the points of nails sticking into the living space of your pet. They could cause injury.

Below are some more things to take notice of before starting on your project:

  1. Consider the size of the house carefully. Make sure it is not too big and not too small. If you have two dogs you may want to make a duplex for both dogs. The duplex needs to have a removable wall if the dogs want to snuggle.
  2. No matter what the size and shape the house is, also build an overhanging roof. This will protect the dog from the heavy rain and hard winds.
  3. Measure the dog before you go out and buy materials. It may sound a bit silly to you but you don’t want the dog to feel claustrophobic inside the house and not use it.
  4. Do the floor like a little slope sliding towards the entrance. In this way, the water gets out and the dog is safe.
  5. Put the dog house in a cool area of your yard. Maybe under a tree, to shield it from the sun light.
  6. If you are not much of a carpenter, choose a simple house design without complications. But if you are good with wood, do something more complicated.
  7. The best dog house designs should either include a partial wall or be large enough that you can add a partial wall. This is so that the dog can escape the elements as necessary.
  8. Does the plan you’re evaluating have a hinged roof? If not, would it be easy to add hinges? This is important because it makes for easy cleaning. You see, when you clean your dog, you should make sure you also clean the dog house and bedding.

How To Size A Dog House

Surprisingly, there is actually a lot to take into consideration when learning how to build a dog kennel, one of them is sizing. One of the most important attributes of a dog house is that it be the right size for the animal. If it is too small your dog won’t fit properly and will be uncomfortable. If the house is to big, it will be harder for your pet to maintain its body heat, in the wild, wolves will sometimes live in burrows that are very snug, the same with your dog, they want to feel snug and secure.

Now we come to the basic answer to the question how big should your dog house actually be? Well the general rule of thumb is that the animal should be able stand up, turn around and lie comfortably inside the house. This all depends on how big your dog actually is and this will vary from animal to animal. This information is provided courtesy of the Humane Society of the United States and is supported by many respected authorities on the subject.

DIY Dog House Step By Step Walkthrough

This house is designed to be as simple to construct as possible. You can build the house as large as your dog requires. As you can see in the picture below you will need 8 equal lengths of batten for the width, 4 lengths for the length and 2 sections for extra support. Use  L- shaped brackets to secure all this together. Remember, you can make this house as big or as you want.  Picture of Putting together the framingThe next step involves securing two sidings to the dog house.Make sure that each siding is of equal size and angle so that your roof will be straight and true. Picture of Front and back siding assemblyBelow you will see the siding reinforcement using battens and T-brackets. Screw the reinforcement on the siding side to the batten to secure the roof in the final stages.Next you will attach the other sidings and secure with screws.Picture of Left and right siding assemblyNow here comes one of the more complected parts of the project, cutting the opening for the kennel is obviously quite a big thing to get right. If you see the below picture you will notice that the door way has been drawn onto one of the sidings, you can now go ahead and use a jig saw to cut out the door way. Here is the finished product.You will now put on the floor and roof. Secure these with screws or nails.Picture of Nail the bottomBy now the whole structure will be closer to completion and more rigid.Picture of Roof assemblyTo finish off you can add handles, paint or stain the dog house and finally but most importantly install the drywall bull nose. If you like this design and want to learn more, simply visit this site here

Picture of Finishing touches and final thoughts

Dog House Plans

If you think you’re up to the challenge then have a look at this list of awesome free dog house plans here. They’re all free to use, so go ahead. We love to hear of success stories so please let us know how your dog house build went.

Simple Dog House Blueprints

This functional and simple dog house comes with a gently sloped roof, an offset doorway and interior to break the cold. One of the nice features that this plan has is that all the measurements are given in terms of your dog’s size so you can easily customize the house to fit your pooch. 

Cedar Dog House

Cedar Dog House Plans

This cedar dog house not only looks absolutely amazing, but it is also quite easy to make.

Two Bedroom Dog House

This is designed for super comfort when your dog wants to get away from the weather. Featuring a second room protected from the cold and wind 

Georgia Pacific Dog House

A simple design but with a good finish. If you’re looking for dog house plans that are thorough and well put together, then this is an excellent PDF to download.

Dog House Idea’s

If you’re still in two minds about how to make dog house we have compiled a list of some awesome dog house idea’s for your enjoyment and inspiration. Please make sure to share and tell us which dog houses you like, we love adding new ideas to this post. We’ve included the link back to each respective site for your perusal as well.

Monty’s Crooked House

Looking like it belongs in a lord of the rings set, there is something so cute about this little dog house. Find the plans and more information right here. Thanks to Anna White for the article.

Straight Forward Dwelling

how to build a dog house_09how to build a dog house_11This is a straight cut simple design dog house with an awesome paint job. The beauty of this house is it’s simplicity, if you’re dedicated you could have this house completed within the day. Perfect for a beginner or someone who isn’t into something to fancy or complicated. Courtesy of Remove and Replace. Source

Log Cabin Retreat

dbar101_openIf you’ve ever dream’t of owning your own log cabin, now is your chance to not only own one but build it! Work out the finer details with your dog and enjoy the satisfaction of building something earthy and beautiful. Thanks to DIY Network for this excellent post.

Dog House With A Deck

How awesome is this dog house. I almost feel like I should be living in a place like this. Combine a simple slant roof dog house with the extra stairs and deck and you have a happy pooch. Make sure to check out the excellent write up and detailed plans for this unique but strangely awesome dog house. Home Depot Source

Straight Forward Dog House

A simple but efficient and functional dog house, designed for the newbie and experience craftsman alike. All materials can be sourced from your local hardware store. Whats awesome about this particular house is the fact that is allows for easy cleaning, an optional inner wall to escape the cold and a sturdy and long lasting design. Check it out here. Simple dog house

 Large Doggy Ranch House

This ranch lookalike dwelling features a removable roof and a unique style. Add in a soft cushion and your dog will love you forever! Hang on, he already does. Get it here

Cedar Wood Dog House

Cedar Dog HouseIf you want a straight forward, good looking, nice smelling dog house with extremly detailed plans, then look no further. At Bobs Plans you will find just that. Source Simple Dog House

A-Frame Kennel

Picture of Build an insulated A-Frame doghouse for under $75If you’re a fan of triangles and tee-pees then you will go crazy over the A-Frame house. Best suited for a small to medium sized dog. Find it all here.

Stilt House For Your Pup

dbar211_1flIf your pup is fond of getting a good vantage point then it would be well worth building a dog stilt house. The ramp is a really fun addition and your dog will really appreciate getting a good view of it’s surroundings. Get it at DIY Network

Indoor Dog House

Indoor House - 15 Brilliant DIY Dog Houses With Free Plans For Your Furry CompanionThis is an excellent idea if you cant handle the thought of your precious pooch going outside. A massive stroke of genius is putting the kennel under the stairs. Perfect for the indoor pup and maybe even overnight guests too. Find it here at Imgur  and Reddit.

Custom Size House

Customized House - 15 Brilliant DIY Dog Houses With Free Plans For Your Furry CompanionThis house is really nice because it allows the diy house builder to custom design and build according to the size of their dog. It also features a handy partition for your pup to snuggle into on those cold nights. Credit goes to Ron Hazelton

Open Air Dog House

 Open-Air Shelter - 15 Brilliant DIY Dog Houses With Free Plans For Your Furry CompanionAt first glance you may be wondering why this is even here. It’s not even a real dog house. Well yes and no, there are places in the world where it gets super hot and sometimes a dog just needs some shade and a nap in a secure environment. Credit Instructables

Rustic Doggy Home

Rustic Home - 15 Brilliant DIY Dog Houses With Free Plans For Your Furry CompanionIf you want a simple but attractive design then this might be the dog kennel plans your’e looking for. Featuring a hinged roof so that you can perform maintenance and the occasional clean. Link Better homes and garden

Build a Sled Dog House

how to build a sled dog house 55 gallon barrel diyThis dog house is aptly named due to the fact that it is actually designed for sled dogs. If you live in a snowy environment then this dog house might be what you need. Keeping off the cold ground and out of the wind is important too. Find the link here at build a sled dog house

Dog Tent Kennel

Dog Tent - 15 Brilliant DIY Dog Houses With Free Plans For Your Furry CompanionSuited for a warmer environment,if your pup enjoys camping, then he/she will really appreciate the open airiness of this tent. What is nice is that a full clean can be accomplished by simply untying the rope and lifting the canvas off the steel frame. Courtesy of the DIY Network

Classic Dog House

A Tried and Tested Classic - 15 Brilliant DIY Dog Houses With Free Plans For Your Furry CompanionFew designs are as well known as the classic dog house look. This is one of the most popular and its no surprise. Easy on the wallet and easy on the brain. Find the plans right here at the DIY Network.

Modern Dog House


Its a fact that some dogs will just not accept regular dog houses. It is also true that dogs come in a variety of different sizes and shapes. If this is the case with your pup then we suggest a simple yet elegant house that your choosy pooch is sure to love.  Find It Here

Insulated Dog House

If you live in a colder climate then you will want to take a look at this fine dog house. Featuring insulated walls for that cosy and ultimately life giving heat factor. Simple to follow instructions and lots of pictures to follow along with make this an easy house to build. Wayne Of The Woods

Insulated Dog House 02

Ron Hazelton has put together some excellent free dog house plans. It can be custom sized to your pooches size and comes with detailed instructions. Ron Hazelton

Beginner Dog House

This beautiful doggy house made by Ranum.com  is a excellent example of a well put together dog house. The instructions are easy to follow and there are a lot of pictures to help you along.

So this about rounds off this post. If you feel it’s missing something or you think I should add something then please feel free to comment or send me a mail and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.